Our Company

KTPG Services, LLC was created to help bring advanced VolP and Hosted products to North East Ohio & the Western Pennsylvania area. We are a local certified installer for multiple National providers which enables our customers to enjoy the best of both worlds. "A national proven leader with a personal, local, experienced installer to support you".

We are very excited for the business user now that these new technologies can be brought to our local area and delivered by a local company. Since it is the future of telephony
, it's about time we can impact businesses with the tools the need to increase productivity and provide a competitive edge.

We have been researching the VolP and Hosted providers since 2008. After testing the multiple services
, reviewing their performance and comparing the pricing we finally selected companies that we feel comfortable with. They provide a high level of service and support for their customers. The product offerings are feature rich while pricing, in many cases, reduces a customers existing monthly expense.
Many of my existing customers are interested in this new solution but are also confused about what requirement there are and what the Hosted Solutions can do for them.

These services can provide many options that traditional systems cannot support or the capital investment puts them out of reach . It is also an ever changing and improving solution. The new hosted phones can keep up with the changes at little or no extra expenditure for the customer. Since these products are not on site and it is a web based solution all new system updates are automatic.