Deadly Links You Should Never Click
You’re innocently surfing the web when click on a link that leads you to an unfamiliar website, exposing yourself to hackers, malware and click-jacking. It’s more common than you think. Info Security Magazine reports that 70 percent of the most frequently visited websites possess no security countermeasures against click-jacking attempts, one of the most popular ways [...]

Cloud Storage on Your Desk

Last year TechCrunch estimated there would be 500 million cloud storage users by the end of the year and 625 million in 2013. The cloud has become a preferred storage medium, especially in light of the increase in mobile devices. Well-known storage manufacturer, Western Digital, has just released a hybrid type of storage: a cloud [...]

What If I Can’t Make the Switch?

While we are not recommending them, there are fallback measures for diehard XP users, who either don’t want to make the switch. Some estimates suggest nearly 20 percent of organizations running XP will stick with it after April 2014. Roy Issley, a principal analyst from Ovum, says businesses must face up to the risks and [...]

Why Windows 7 Professional for Business?

In an earlier newsletter, are argued the pros and cons of sticking with Windows 7 or upgrading to Windows 8. We’re recommending Windows 7 Professional for Business for those migrating from XP. Windows 7 Professional can bring significant, tangible benefits to your IT infrastructure and employees, including: Improved performance when booting up, opening files, and [...]

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