What are hosted voice and data solutions?

Hosted solutions are services for businesses that replaces the traditional phone system or PBX with a secure, off site and backed up solution (the cloud stuff from Microsoft). In most cases, there is no capitol expense and the monthly invoice includes telephone equipment, all advanced features, 150,000 minutes of local and outgoing domestic long distance calls. These hosted solutions are run through an internet broadband connection and part of local of a local area network (LAN).

Hosted solutions provide unique capabilities like: USB telephones for remote offices; system programming and changes done thru the web portal; (twinning) can be set up to ring to cell phones when you are away from your desk. Many of these are at no extra cost.

Uses call path rather than phone lines. Most customers need less call paths and this results in a larger savings on monthly phone bills.

In many instances, the product that we install allows the customer to bring their own bandwidth - can utilize your existing internet connection but a static IP address is required.

Our site surveys are provided to ensure that the business location has the connectivity level that is needed to support a hosted solution as . well as the wiring.

We are a local company with 22 years of traditional phone and data experience. We have partnered with national companies that were well researched and tested in order to provide this technology to our local customer base.

Some of the benefits include:

State of the art equipment

Free Feature Upgrades
All locations can feel and function as one.