KTPG Hosted Office Solutions, LLC was created to help bring advanced VolP and hosted products to North East Ohio & the Western Pennsylvania area.

We help businesses identify their needs and match them with service providers whose solutions fit best. We recommend, sale, configure and install award-winning and patented hosted IP phone solutions that include everything to communicate over the phone and online, including phones, unlimited domestic calling*, more than 40 features, Internet access and a web portal for easy administration-with no capital investment for a phones system or increase in staff.
access and a web portal for easy administration--with no capital investment or increase in staff.

You'll never miss a call because KTPG only recommends proven hosted office solutions that help keep your business running smoothly. Our solutions also provide other benefits to companies like yours. Benefits that can:

     Can cut your existing phone bills in half
     Controls operational expenses
     Improves efficiencies
     Increases mobility links sites and offices to operate as one location
     Highly reliable for business continuity

Our solution technology is also a VoIP system-Voice over Internet Protocol. There are two very different categories of VoIP service providers: one uses the public Internet to transport calls and is known as Internet Telephony. The second category routes voice calls over private IP networks. This enables the service provider to manage the call from end to end, ensuring voice quality and / allowing the carrier to provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We utilize providers delivering either category of service in order to match the needs of your business.

Technical Requirements:

An Internet Broadband Connection with Static IP
Local Area Network: fully switched 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps Ethernet LAN, CATS or CAT 6 wiring throughout offices
Employees Offices/Desks: LAN ports and 115V AC receptacles for all phones.
Internet Connected PCs with Web browser to administer the system, Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox acceptable

Call us: 330.406.0684

Frequently asked Questions:

What should I expect when placing my order?

When you are ready to buy, give us a call at the phone number at the top of the page and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will help you order your new OfficeSuite phone system.  We’ll process your order in real-time and send you a confirmation e-mail right away.

What if I need help with my order?
If you have any questions while placing your order, chat live with one of our helpful sales reps or give us a call at the toll free number at the top of your screen.

What happens after I place my order?
You’ll receive a call from your assigned Project Manager who will review your order, gather some additional information from you, and coordinate delivery of services if you’re working with any third party vendors. Your Project Manager will work directly with you to customize your system:  you will be able to choose the extension numbers, names and call behaviors. If you are not using your existing Internet access and therefore need a circuit installed at your site, your Project Manager will set up a time for this.

Do I need to have a Local Area Network (LAN)?
Yes, you need at least a standard 10/100 Mbps LAN (Local Area Network) -- the same you use for your computers.  This may be as simple as having a single router with a built-in switch.

Who installs the system and the phones?

If you are using your own Internet access, you can either perform the system installation yourself, or for a one-time fee one of our technicians can do it for you.

Installing the phones yourself is very easy.  Click here for helpful videos and guides that walk you through installing the phones.  NOTE: self-installation is only available if you’re using your own Internet access.

If you don’t currently have Internet access and would like to purchase it from KTPG, one of our technicians will install a circuit at your location(s).  Then, for a one-time fee, one of our technicians will install the phones for you as well.  NOTE: One of our technicians must install the phones if you are not using your own Internet access.

How long until the system is installed?
This depends on whether you are using your own Internet access or a circuit that we provide.  Once your order begins, your Project Manager will keep you apprised of installation dates and schedule.  For details, chat live with one of our sales reps or give us a call at the toll free number at the top of your screen.

Can I re-use existing phone numbers?
Yes, in fact we encourage it.  Most of the time we can move existing main phone numbers and direct inward dial (DID) employee phone numbers into your new OfficeSuite system.  Whether or not we can re-use your existing phone numbers will be determined while you are placing your order.  (For 85% of the US population, we can re-use existing phone numbers.   For details, chat live with one of our sales reps or give us a call at the toll free number at the top of your screen.)
If you need new main phone number(s) and employee phone numbers, we can assign them to you.

Please review our site beginning with our solutions page and let us implement cost saving solutions for you today.